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Joy Jackson
Psychic Medium and Intuitive Guide

A B O U T   T H E   B A C K Y A R D   M Y S T I C

I am Joy Jackson, and I have been a professional psychic medium and intuitive guide in the Pacific Northwest since 2012.

Since early childhood I have had a profound connection with spirit and higher realms of existence, which has only continued to deepen over the past four decades. After working for many years in finance and in the holistic health and wellness industry, I felt drawn to change my life path and use my innate skills as a light worker and psychic medium in order to support others in their awakening process.

In a reading I connect with higher realms of spirit and your highest self in order to receive guidance which is intended to provide you with more clarity about your situation, a deeper understanding of where you are now, where you are going, and for the highest outcomes for all involved.